Monthly Archive: November 2016


Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom: ENGAGED?!

It’s easy to forget, but Katy Perry was married once before, to the forgotten Tim Burton-Keith Richards love-child known as Russell Brand. It didn’t work out, because it was a marriage to Russell Brand,...


Matt Lauer Signs MEGA Today Show Contract

So much for those Matt Lauer firing rumors. Heck, so much for those rumors about The Today Show hemorrhaging viewers. Or at least about producers blaming Lauer for said hemorrhaging. The controversial host has reportedly signed a...


Amanda Seyfried: Pregnant with First Child!

Amanda Seyfried used her boobs to predict the weather in Mean Girls. Starting some time next year, however, the actress will be using her boobs for something even more important: breastfeeding. That’s right, Amanda Seyfried is...